For Seniors Only


Are you considering selling your home and downsizing to a more manageable space?

Many seniors would prefer to stay in their own home or age in place. Sometimes it's just not practical. For a variety of reasons a senior home owner may be facing a late-in-life move.


Selling a seniors home is different.

The reality of aging makes some tasks simply more challenging. A sensitive and caring real estate agent will shoulder many of these tasks alleviating much of the stress and worry that often accompanies a significant lifestyle change.


I do more than just buy or sell homes.

In addition to marketing the home for sale, as a Full Service REALTOR®, I adopt the role of an advocate for my senior home seller as many mature clients face unique challenges with moving during this life stage. Often I will co-ordinate and oversee various tasks such as home repairs, ensuring these are completed and the job is satisfactory. My hope is that I provide the mature client with some peace of mind making the process easier.


The process of preparing a home for sale is always work.

It's a rare home can go to market without some sprucing up.
By improving the homes condition, it makes the home more appealing to buyers, thus likely resulting in a quicker sale and for more money.


Support matters.

My team of service providers is tried, trusted, and reliable.

Specifically chosen because they are respectful, 'age-friendly', and they truly understand the needs of seniors.

I bring service providers with a range of skills and talents that are ready and able to assist you with a number of details. Together we ensure your sale and move go as smoothly as possible.



Please see the resource page for links to general services you may find helpful. (Contact me for the comprehensive list of my trusted service providers as they are NOT listed here).


If it's time to consider a move, let's meet for coffee and discuss your options. You can reach me, Sabrina@ 604 341 4907


What people are saying.

"When my wife passed, our home of 40 years was too much for me to care for. I wanted a change but needed help. I was most appreciative of Sabrina and her team. I don't know what I would have done without her”
- Frank Baker, White Rock